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Four Hand Massage in Borivali mumbai

Four Hand Massage

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4 hands massage is better when compared to a regular massage. This is because in a regular massage, a single masseuse is working on your body with two hands, and our brain uncannily keeps track of the hand movement. This is because you, yourself can feel the hands going through your body.

But in the case of 4 hands massage, it’s hard to follow the movement of four hands simultaneously. Thus, the brain prefers to let go of the tracking activity and completely relax during the entire process. The feeling is intense and relaxing that people claim of dozing off when they’re being massaged. 4 hands massage begins with you laying down in a bed on your chest, and back exposed (just like a regular massage session). Then two masseuse standing opposite to each other start massaging your body, each handling one side of your body. In most cases, one of the masseuses is a leader and the other masseuse accompany them.

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